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Our Story

Since 1979 Pamela Canales began to make empanadas at home. His clientele increased until reaching a significant amount. Thinking of giving better comfort to this clientele and continuing with the natural growth of her business.

In 1992 she opened Pamela's Delicatessen, it was not at all small, it had a great variety of Chilean products, you could enjoy its traditional sandwiches and some prepared dishes, and of course the conventional typical Chilean empanada. Again, it was successful and they managed to grow even more, getting a bigger and more comfortable place, and it became a food hall.

Today not only Chileans frequent Pamela's, customers of different nationalities can also enjoy the famous empanadas, its delicious pastries, a wide variety of products imported from Chile, excellent wines, a varied and delicious menu, and top-quality service. Pamela's offers hospitality, nostalgia and Chilean gastronomy for her compatriots and her growing international clientele.

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